Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Dreaded Question

How are you using social media to Market your Business?

Every day, I have the pleasure of creating & executing marketing plans for companies.  When creating a plan, there is always a business discussion around business objectives for the next year so that I can align the marketing plan to those goals.  During this process, the executive is very appreciative to this type of discussion around marketing.   When aligning marketing with business goals it provides a different perspective to the conversation. 

Until, I ask the dreaded question“How are you unitizing social media to grow your business”?

Then, the easy flowing conversation, just became a long awkward silence. 

Social Media is here to stay

Most business are behind the curve when it come to their social media presence, I get it…but we still need to discuss it as it’s not going away.  Typically, most of the Executives I speak with are more mature in age so they did not grow up using social media so it’s understandable that the answer to my standard question is usually, “I am not sure how that works so we have not really put forth focus on social media” or “We really have no idea how to use social media to grow our business”.  As a marketer, I pride myself on trying and learning new marketing techniques every day.  Staying ahead of new ways to market is crucial to any business.  I understand that trying new things is out of people’s comfort zone but in today’s work of technology, social media is a necessity.

Social Media Stats for 2017

22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook.  If that number does not astound you, remember that each of those people have at least 100+ friends.  Here are just a few more stats to help understand how social media is driving sales in 2017.


Why Social Media?




Social Media is a great way to educate your audience on what you do, your services, your culture, your solutions, your super star employees.  Each social media platform has a different audience, Facebook is a more mature audience, and LinkedIn is more professional where Instagram is younger so targeted education on each social platform must be geared to that audience. 

Engage your audience with call to actions to direct them back to your website using content, video, promos, incentives, free services and landing pages.  Another way to engage is to respond to comments on your social media platforms, which increases the algorithms.

Communicate who you are as a company, what you do, services you have to offer.  Do not be afraid to toot your own horn, post awards your company has earned, share contracts your company has won, and share how you helped a particular company save budget with your solution.  Share about a superstar employee, employees loved to be recognized and doing it on social media shows them how much you appreciate them and that employee has friends on social media whop will read that post thinking, “Wow, that is pretty cool”.  Many companies give back to their communities, social media is great way to share. 

Getting Started

It's totally understandable how overwhelming social media can be, so getting started is the hardest part.  Outsourcing is the best way to get started, having an outside perspective looking at your business to see which social platforms meets your target customer.  Research, Planning, execution and follow up are the key factors when it comes to social media. 

Georgianna Strauser