Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How Much MDF do you lose every quarter due to lack of resources?

Since 2003, Georgianna Strauser, CEO of Strauser Marketing has helped technology vendors, channel partners, distributors and small businesses create, manage and execute marketing plans that grow sales & enablement while staying within budget and using the latest marketing platforms.

Marketing may be a challenge to some, but to Strauser Marketing, we consider challenges opportunities. We are experts in the channel with over 20 years of experience. Our company has marketed in every vertical: Commercial, Healthcare, Public Sector (SLED), and Federal. Yes, we speak Federal! With more than 10 years working in the Federal Space, we understand compliance, FedRamp, RFPs, agencies and how to target those agencies through marketing.

At Strauser Marketing, we have a desire to achieve perfection. Perfection is always doing the right thing at the right time. Managing MDF is one of the largest challenges for technology vendors and resellers. Most resellers have only one resource dedicated to cover all vendor marketing. Additionally, that marketing person also covers corporate marketing, social media, email marketing, training and all events, etc. Today's channel marketer is often overwhelmed and challenged to work at their full potential. When it comes to MDF, lack of resources is the primary reason why MDF is lost each quarter. Resellers simply don't have the resources to execute all the marketing plans.

This is where third party resources, like Strauser Marketing, come in to help provide another marketing arm for vendors, resellers and distributors to create and manage the vendor MDF with intention that aligns to your business objectives. If your marketing plans do not align with your business goals, then you as a business owner are not marketing as effectively as you could be to generate leads and attract customers.  

Strauser Marketing alleviates the overwhelming workload without the headcount. You can even pay us using MDF if preferred. Our consultants are ready to help with all your technology marketing needs, from demand generation to content and graphic design. Give us a challenge and we'll turn it into an opportunity.  

Georgianna Strauser

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