Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Obsession With Personal Development: A Tale of Books and Skincare

Finding My Path to Happiness

At age 36, I started my personal development journey. I had dreamed of a life of peace, love, and happiness. I began training myself to be more positive, attended therapy, and became obsessed with self-help books, such as those written by Dwayne Dryer, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Rick Warren—their books were some of my first favorites. In my 20s, I used to ask myself “What is my talent? What is my purpose?” After reading What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren, I was able to answer those two questions, and it changed my life.

Personal development is work. It took courage to look at myself, wanting to be a better person and mother, and effort to kill the ego, but once I started, I wanted more. I kept reading, watching, going to church, and even attending Oprah's Master Class weekend in Miami. Yep, I spent a weekend with Oprah, and it was amazing! Now, at age 49, I can say that I have grown as a person over the years. I understand forgiveness, self-worth, self-respect, listening, compassion, empathy, healing, and the power of love.  It’s been a tremendous road, and I’m so thankful to have traveled it. Don't get me wrong, I’m no guru or anything like that…I still have my sassy New York attitude at times, and more work to do which will last the rest of my life, but now I truly love myself for it.

Life Changes and Skincare?

One day, I was introduced to a company that happens to be a break-thru anti-aging skincare and wellness company.  As a professional technology marketer, I understand business, so I looked at the numbers because I was naturally curious. The company had reached $1B in sales in 4 years; my mouth dropped. Being in technology for the last 20 years, I had never seen any company reach sales numbers like this so quickly; not even Amazon. So, I jumped in, recognizing emerging markets and the potential of growth…I didn’t want to miss the beginning of something big again (like I did when Apple exploded). Besides, I wasn’t a big fan of my wrinkles, so it made the decision easier. Turns out, it's one of the best decisions I ever made. Within a few months, all my wrinkles were gone, and I uncovered something I never thought existed far beyond my physical appearance.

After a month of signing up, this company was having their annual conference in Dallas. I decided, if I’m going to take this “YouEconomy” business seriously, I need to attend this conference. I booked my flight and off I went for a three-day conference on anti-aging…so I thought.

The conference was at the Dallas conference center, and thousands of people were in attendance. It was pretty exciting! The CEO, Jeff Olson, was the first to speak. When I signed up, I was given the book Jeff Olson wrote years prior to starting this company. Personally, I had never heard of him before, but I was currently reading his book, The Slight Edge.  As I sat there I heard words and phrase like love, make people better, live happy, happy acts, dreams, belief, vision, kindness, and personal development.  At that moment, I had an epiphany: the relationship that I had dreamed about for years was not a personal relationship, but a company that lives and breathes the way I do. Additionally, I realized I could help others on their journey. 

Achieving Ongoing Personal Growth and Practicing Gratitude

This company has brought so much more to me than great skin! The personal growth that I have received is so much more than I ever thought I would experience in my life. The people that have come into my world are incredible, inspirational, courageous, and strong, and have helped me grow more each and every day.  Now, I even attend a daily happiness call that strives to help others with personal development. 

To most people that know me, this company is just a side gig, but to me, it’s my dream come true. For me, the personal development, the people, the culture, and the growth is so much more than the monetary value.  I am very grateful for my life today.

Georgianna Strauser


  1. this such a great blog. and I am telling you the product works!

  2. I am so excited to read this blog about your journey in personal development. What a powerful confirmation that PD really works. congratulations and keep up the great work. Comments from Dr. Happy